Company Profile


Paul McCormack

Paul has wide experience in the banking industry. Prior to starting McCormack Finance Limited in 1997, Paul worked in Commercial and Corporate Banking with ANZ Bank and ASB Bank. Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Canterbury University majoring in Accounting. Paul also passed the examinations for the New Zealand Society of Investment Analysts in 1995.

Fee Structure

Our competitive advantage is that if we secure your funding from our First Tier lenders, there is no additional fee payable to McCormack Finance Limited. This is a major cost saving for you. We will endeavour to secure the best possible Commercial Property Finance at no direct cost to you.

McCormack Finance Limited will charge a 1.0% broker fee on the total loan amount when we need to source the loan from our Second Tier providers, with $1,500 payable on engaging McCormack Finance Limited. On loan draw down, the $1,500 is included in the 1.0% broker fee. Therefore the majority of our clients are able to engage McCormack Finance Limited at no extra cost - a great way for you to organise a loan.

Save time and money!!!